Tinnitus is usually subjective, meaning that others cannot hear it. This section contains embedded lists that may be poorly defined, unverified or indiscriminate. Looking for online definition of tinnitus in the Medical Dictionary? tinnitus explanation free. Meaning of tinnitus medical term. It is defined as either objective or subjective. Information on Tinnitus a condition that creates a buzzing or ringing noise in the ears which no underlying physical cause can be identified. Definition: Defining the Meaning of Tinnitus.

Definition: Defining the Meaning of Tinnitus 2In almost all cases, tinnitus is a subjective noise, meaning that only the person who has tinnitus can hear it. Tinnitus help for patients. Tinnitus Defined. A brain MRI is used for the same general purpose and covers far more territory, but is roughly 3 times more expensive. Tinnitus is commonly defined as hearing a sound in the absence of external sounds.

Definition. Tinnitus is the sensation of a noise in the ear or head when no apparent source for the noise is evident. The ubiquitous nature of the disorder indicates a vital need for long-term prospective studies for both premortem and postmortem documentation of pathological changes. The term tinnitus comes from the Latin verb tinnire, to ring. Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders defines chronic tinnitus as occurring for more than three months. English-FrenchEnglish DefinitionsEnglish SynonymsEnglish for learners.


Auditory Dysfunction: Tinnitus

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