-My GP knew little about tinnitus and said ‘you’ll have to put up with it’. -The doctor said I was just imagining the noise. I’ve had noises in my right ear for years – high pitched sound. I’ve mentioned it a few times to my ENT but after getting funny looks and no response, i’ve given up. I have learned to live with it. Imagine a pole running through your head and out your feet. I have fairly bad tinnitus from years of having my head a few feet from running jet engines. If I fire a gun unprotected my ears ring PAINFULLY for at least 3 days, usually 5-7 days. ‘Many people have mild tinnitus but the brain screens out the noise so they can ignore it. By the time I was in my final year at university I was stuck in my room staring at a wall, trying to lose the noise in my head.

I have fairly bad tinnitus from years of having my head a few feet from running jet engines 2I’ve been hearing a constant sound in my head. Airline pilots spend half their lives in the noise of jet engines, but they don’t make a big deal out of it. It’s like all the electricity in the house is running through my spinal cord. I have had a very similar buzzing sound in my head and ears and a weird tingling feeling in my entire body. I hear a loud noise sounds like a plane,or a jet engine.literally right in front of my face. I’ve heard the buzzing and I’ve had SP a few times over the years, but I think the buzzing is something totally different. That’s the most women who have ever been at a rush concert. My Bloody Valentine played a show in Austin a few years ago and they had 16 Marshall stacks, all of them real and all turned on. I had ear plugs in, but the sound was so intensely loud that it felt like there were jet engines blasting sound into my head. Ah my bad, still a bad-ass amp.

I’ve had tinnitus for the past few weeks, induced by a series of Metal gigs in very small. Now I’m moving out of my place and I’m even having a hard time packing, because of the hissing. The subjects in the study were animals exposed to noise trauma corresponding to a close range jet engine. I’ve had it for five years now, pretty bad, all due loud music exposure. Gear Head. See heads that are looking down to the ground, and the slouch in everyone’s lower back as they sit. Some long-term effects of bad posture: Shoulders that are rolled forward mean that your back muscles are stretched out too much for very long periods of time, gradually weakening upper-back strength. Now look for people with flat feet. Think of it like getting braces: you’ll be better off in the long run. The subwoofers and jet engines are a product of our own engineering, not nature, so the three tiny bones that allow you to hear are easily overwhelmed. 20.81 of voters (1022 people) reported having tinnitus or ringing in the ears. Until I was about 20 years old, I thought everyone heard this sound.

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I have fairly bad tinnitus from years of having my head a few feet from running jet engines 3Never had ear pain years ago no matter how loud. The only plus to this is that when I get my annual physical, as a diver the doc gives me the full hearing battery. I sleep with a fan running 365 days a year. The good news is, I have a fairly mild case of tinnitus. It is not a total cure but has diminished the volume of the ringing in my right ear which in my case sounds like a jet engine. Introduction Tinnitus is a fairly common problem in which the sufferer’s ears can. With Tinnitus, the sounds can be very loud like standing next to a jet engine, or they can be soft, like air leaking from a pipe. To be clear, I do still get the occasional bad ear day, but such occasions are rare now. My difficulties have worsened with the tinnitus (a subjective, intermittent whine in my ears) that adds more noise in the system. I did not discover my capd until 2009 when I was 37 years old. I never had ear pain, but have been experiencing excruciating migraines and neck aches prior to the T and H kicking in. Some sounds still give me that feeling of pressure rather than pain which is very uncomfortable. My severe hyperacusis and tinnitus also dissapeared completely with these sudden remissions. I was sleeping a couple of feet under the revving-up engine of a 747. (some fairly long lasting)The improvements are gradual in my case. My fiance has been suffering with eustation tube dysfunction for a little over 6mths. now. Some days are real bad. Odd thing is I have had my hearing tested & I have very good hearing. Ear plugs are bad. i used to work in a mine many years ago. the safety reps would come in once a year, and show us how bad a job the ear plugs worked. I don’t have ringing in my ears I hear saws running wide open. Said it sounded like a jet engine in his head and it about drove him nuts.

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This happened in a new house some years ago. I can hear a fairly quiet sound similar to a foghorn that comes and goes, sometimes lasting up to 30-60 seconds at a time. This is when the dryer is NOT running. It is very upsetting that no one else can hear it when it is like having my head inside of an engine. People all across the planet have reported hearing a strange humming/droning noise at the dead of night usually in their bedrooms like my wife and myself heard last evening. I was in the edit suite which is right next door to our bed room when my wife came in and asked me what the humming noise was, it was about 1. The Hum does not appear to be a form of tinnitus and may not be an acoustic sound. I’ve been hearing this for a few years now and it is certainly getting louder and the vibrations worse. By now my right ear was really getting bad and the tinnitus was there constantly. I had a few less severe attacks in she following 6 months and then it calmed down. What I have is very severe Tinnitus in both ears and brain. The ears have the LOUD ringing and the brain has a SCREAMING jet plane. Tinnitus agonized my life for the first few years.

I’ve been trying for years to find the source of the humming, drone noise. best I can describe is twin engines from an AC-130 Hercules. Although, my neighbor must have some way to insulate his Bass subwoofer or Sound Masking machine (White/Pink Noise) so he and his family can tolerate it – or he’s plain nuts and enjoys it. May 13, 2015 the hum by: lynn kenney well I have been on to british gas they said its not coming from the smart meter I told them that have tinnitus they said it must be my ears so we all must have tinnitus. its getting me down now so think I will put my head out of the window to sleep lol. Sounds like a distant engine, worse at night, rapid not really helping etc. For example, if we have severe or worse low-frequency hearing losses, we will not hear common loud sounds such as thunder, car and truck motors running, fans whirring, and the speech sounds that give speech most of its volume and fullness. For example, if we have severe or worse low-frequency hearing losses, we will not hear common loud sounds such as thunder, car and truck motors running, fans whirring, and the speech sounds that give speech most of its volume and fullness. Reverse-slope hearing loss runs in my familyat least it has for the past five generations. To add to my last comments, I do actually hear the hum outside if I go out to the foothills where there’s no traffic. I went thr ough the whole series of turning off appliances and electricity, checking with doctors, wandering around checking at night for the last 3 years, but trips away from Berkeley confirm that it’s not tinnitus. I have to say that I am having one of those twilight zone moments. B) An underground structure always is generating some strange low pitch tone. It’s so bad. Having the same symptoms for about 2 years now, sleeping at least 12 hours a day, chronic sinusitis and tinnitis. We have been getting different kinds of trails last few months. I better quit now before my head explodes from the overwhelming frustration. Woke up one day with my ears chirping/ringing. not sure if there was anything i did the day before. I got an appt with an ear Dr after a few weeks, and sure enough. Wear earplugs when ever possible,keeps it from getting too loud. Man, talk about lucky! After a lifetime of shooting, and loud music, and four years workjing on the flight-line around running jet engines (damn, I still love the smell of JP-4), my hearing is still great!.

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