I've been taking sudafed for nearly a week but my tinnitus has got even worse 1

I’ve been taking sudafed for nearly a week but my tinnitus has got even worse. I had to come off anti-depressants (dothiepin) in order to take them & I’m not sure what it is but I feel very vulnerable and highly stressed &am sleeping hardly at all. I’ve been taking it continuously for two days now and I’m shocked at how much is clearing from my sinuses. I took sudafed when my tinnitus and ear pain symptoms were at their worst. Don’t know if Sudafed is ototoxic but Advil is. It sounds the same even after nearly 4 months and its so loud I cry all the time. I have not heard the loud clicks in about one week. Anyways, I have been on steroid nose spray and antihistamine as directed. I was told by a physician that it can take WEEKS for the eustachian tubes to normalize, but I am almost resolved to the idea that I may have tinnitus now for life. I just went to the doctor yesterday for a ringing I’ve been experiencing for a week. The ear ringing is quiet during the day, even working in my quiet office.

I've been taking sudafed for nearly a week but my tinnitus has got even worse 2I posted last week as I’ve had a full feeling in my ear for a week. She said that the fluid causes an imbalance in the inner ear and should drain off in a week or two but SURELY there should have been even the smallest improvement after a week of impaired hearing?? I feel so helpless with this, if I’d broken my leg I could rest or if I had a cut I know it’d heal but after Googling how long it takes for eustachian tubes to drain it seems like this could be a permanent problem as many seem to not get better. The doctor was pretty un-fussed about the whole thing so that was good but to have your hearing dip and have almost constant tinnitus is really off-putting. I also get alot of ringing in my ears and it feels like they are going to explode at times. I’ve been asked to take sudafed or other decongestants to try and help clear up a clogged ear issue, but was told it could take 4-6 weeks before you see any improvement. Also, this is only present in my left ear and I have no vertigo, tinnitus, or dizziness. I had slightly clogged up ears a month ago and has just got worse! I thought I was over it all but now my right ear is totally blocked up. The blockage clears when I’ve been lying down for periods of time but as soon as I stand up, within minutes I can feel it coming back again Any advice you can give me would be appreciated.

If you lose your hearing in one or even both ears, perhaps in the middle of the night, it comes as quite a shock and can cause great distress. You may also have a pressured blocked feeling in your ear and a loud noise such as a roaring sound or ringing sound or both. It’s worth a try, but keep going as it can take days to take effect. My ear has been clogged for almost a year now, and each time I go to the Dr, there is fluid in my left ear. The past week and its very irritating! I take a tab of SUDAFED PF before bed, and then do a thorough rise of my sinuses using a NETTY POT and warm salt(kosher, of course) water. Full deep sleep; no groggy mornings from the side effect of sinusitis discharges, etc. I drive a motorcycle, but I nearly always wear earplugs and always wear a full-facial coverage helmet. In my case, the tinnitus is there, and it’s never going away. I have tinnitus in both ears but more proeminent on my left (like hissing and sometimes high pitch). I would like to know what this is and is it going to go away or if it’s going to get worse, or if it’s actually useful somehow. It’s hard to describe as it’s almost like a high pitched sound but it’s not loud but i can notice it. I’ve been hearing this in my left ear for about a week as well; it’s only bad when I wake up in the morning.

Blocked Eustachian Tube (ear)

I tend to get sinus headaches and also ear ache which makes my T worse. I am almost 5 weeks post op and I feel like my tinnitus has possibly gotten worse. I too cannot imagine living with this noise but people say you do get use to it, we just have to do research to see if there is anything out that can help right now it is driving me crazy. The noise I could take, but Henny Youngman was getting on my nerves. About 1 in 100,000 people will have a neuroma in the ear which can cause these symptoms. I’ve never been though anything this debilitating before. But I just need 2 more weeks to get the immediate family in the loop, and then I can tell others who will be impacted. My symptoms have been pretty well controlled, but my previous specialist retired about 3 years ago, and I figured it was probably about time to have a checkup. The key to symptom management, as well as minimizing the permanent damage being done to the inner ear and even trying to restore some function, is managing the level of insulin in the blood and trying to keep it as steady as possible. I’m to eat every 2-3 hours, never going more than 5 hours between meals during the daytime. Really concerned as it has been 4 days since my hearing has been distorted from Shooting (with ear plugs)In a crowded room like a Church Foyer it is very bad. I have tinnitus and I want to die (youtube.com). It has progressively got worse over that time. It bothers me more when there is no other noise around, but even a fan is enough to help me not focus on it. I’ve been living with a very low level drumming in my left ear for about 5 years now.

Middle Ear Fluid Eustachian Tube Problem: Blocked Ear? Reduced Hearing? Tinnitus?

Done all this for a fews days and still blocked seems to get worse when I drink alcohol so I am going to stop that. I havnt been on a plane but my left ear has been popped for 3 days now and its driving me crazy. I’ve tried sudafed, holding my nose and blowing, q-tips, all to no avail. I didn’t even have a cold. MY EARS DIDN’T POP FOR NEARLY FOUR WEEKS! You’d figure with the allergy meds that it would take care of the problem. Fandango57New Member Date Joined Jul 2010Total Posts: 1 Posted 7/14/2010 2:49 PM (GMT -6) my mother has had vertigo for almost 5 yrs. she’s 78 yrs old with no known allergies. I can live with having allergies, but this dizziness has affected my job and my life. Sure enough..plain Sudafed. Plain Sudafed. I do not understand why doctors don’t try this approach – I’ve even had doctors tell me that it wouldn’t work..but it absolutely does. I started taking Sudafed again and I plan on going to hot yoga. I tried to get off sertanine but pain was even worse so i returned to pills. I’ve been dealing with the pressure in my head and all of the other stupid symptoms (except vertigo or much dizziness) since January. It would be interesting to take a more positive approach to this. As for myself, I got tinnitus in September and had a hard time dealing with it for a long time. I am turning 23 in two weeks, my tinnitus is still there but it’s quieter now than it was then. During the last days I have noticed that my ringing sound has been varying a lot, so I hope that’s a sign of something positive. Yikes, it going to get worse?

Ok, so I have had VERY loud ringing in my ears for almost 2 months now. I’ve dealth with tinnitus in the past but never to this extent. I’ve been taking Lipo-Flavonoid pills since I’ve used it in the past to stop tinnitus and it worked before. My onc said she’ll schedule me an MRI if it persists or gets worse in the next few weeks. I was curious if anybody has been diagnosed with a viral ear infection and how long it lasted for them. Some days seem to be worse than others, but my doctor told me to take dramamene for a few days and by that time I should start feeling better. I am STILL trying to get over the viral ear infection. Dizziness and the pressure and ringing in my ear and was put on a prescriptin of prednisone and have only about a week left of it. It started 5 weeks ago & during that time I’ve been at the emergency department 5 times in the hope they will have a magical cure. I’ve been hearing a constant sound in my head. In the first weeks after I got tinnitus, whenever it stopped being noticeable, I would go to a quiet room and put on my isolating headphones to see if it really went away. I’ve had Tinnitus for nearly 3 months now. It’s the worst sound ever but being terrified of it makes things worse. You may also have a pressured blocked feeling in your ear and a loud noise such as a hissing, roaring or ringing sound or a mixture. Therefore I have suffered this worse than some people but not as bad as some unfortunate souls have had to put up with. If anything will work it takes time, days even weeks to finally start to get things moving again. Long term distraction has been a joy for me in re-training my brain to not notice my tinnitus so much.

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