Suddenly losing your computer’s sound can be due to many different things. Thanx alot i was in lot of problem bcz speakers were not working and now working thanx again. I dropped my iPhone 4 when the headphones where still in, now when I try to listen to music the headphone jack won t work, how do I fix it?. Try a 5 year old, first version, iPod touch! The bak of my phone has a few cracks but what has me worried is my sound is stuck in headphone mode. Sound comes out of my speakers for my Windows 7 PC when headphones are plugged in and the speakers are off. The speaker and headphone jack would both work at the same time. I bought the same brand (GE 98910 Ultrasonix Multimedia 2.0 Speakers) from Target and now the sound comes out of the speakers through the headphones even though the speakers are turned off and the sound is set to low.

My old speakers died and now I am on a headset all the time for sound 2Hey everyone, Ive got a really weird problem with my sound on my HP laptop. Some times, for no apparent reason, some random songs just wont work. This is all only when listening to headphones, the speakers are still working as usual. I just read through this old thread today and didn’t find an answer that worked, but I’m using iphone 4S headphones (and this sounds crazy) but if you just pull them out like a millimeter from being all the way in, the sound fixes itself completely. Now I am downloading apps back one at a time and can hopefully eliminate the culprit. My unit was purchased in April of 2012, to date it’s only under three years old with little use. You could take help from this blog – iPad Sound & Speaker Not Working in Games & Apps: Fixed. This happens all the time to people who replace their iPhone batteries and are surprised when their battery drains just as fast or even faster. I’m David Payette, the founder of Payette Forward, Inc. I am passionate about helping people to grow personally and professionally using the power of technology.

Today in this topic, I’m going to list all possible solutions to fix this irritating problem. Now the sound will start coming from headphones or speakers without any problem. I have replaced the headphone jack with one from another s4 that works great and tested the old one in another s4 and that works fine (both jacks verified working). This list is organized from most successful to least successful, though all of these solutions have some merit and may work. iPad no sound stuck in headphone mode, volume bar will come up but with no adjustment ability. But this can be sidelined buy using a good old toothbrush. I need help i use my iapd to entertain my son now the speakers broken my son is irritated. Not working! Both speakers and headphone sounds work perfectly fine, but they don’t automatically switch when I plug/unplug the headphones. I am also having VIA in ASUS S400CA. For me mic was not even working. Now after uninstalling and reboot helped mic to work. With new driver mic not working. I tried old method of uninstalling all drivers and rebooing.

Sound Isn’t Working Properly

I connected it to a speaker which short-circuited very quickly (never use cheap speakers T.T). From that I’m guessing my speaker is working (the 3.5 jack may have died D: I tried all the suggestions above except the freezer thing. Today was my first time having a problem with my iPhone 4 being confused about whether the headphones were in or not. If I am receiving a call, the phone will sound the ring, but when I answer it the speaker and mic go dead. If I hit the volume button while the phone is ringing, the speaker also goes dead. All this time I’ve been looking for ways to increase the functionality beyond just a phone, and now it has plenty except it has lost the phone ability. While playing a game today, my Samsung Galaxy (20days old) just stopped the output of ANY sound at all that comes out of the main speaker. So, we figured we’d publish the all-too-uninteresting solution. For those unfamiliar with the issue, on occasion, the iPhone will stop outputting sound out of its external speaker after headphones are removed from the headphone jack. I actually didn’t even have to used compressed air, I just blew into it, sort of like the old super nintendo games. I am using iphone model 3GS my cell got a probelm that if any calls me i can’t hear through reciever but if i on the speaker i can able to listen from it please let me know what is the problem please and tell me the solution from it. Update to Windows 10 64 or 32 bit but no sound from speakers? Luckily, there are top 3 solutions to fix this sound not working windows 10 issue on your computer. Driver Talent contains all the official sound drivers to install from OEM and sound card manufacturers in the database, and it can intelligently find the best matched driver for you, including:. Sound only works with headphones. My phone wouldn’t ring and I couldn’t hear any sound from the iPhone. Thx for the tip bro now my iPhone works in other words quetip get it que tip. Im taking a few goes and it is not working at all. How many seconds to you swivel it each time? On a side note: I’ve disabled all enhancements, moved bass/treble to 4, and set default format. I want you to temporarily disable the sound on Speakers and Headphones and then enable it again. I have been IT for a long time – retired now, but I am still IT at heart.

No Sound Coming From Headphones Or External Speakers Connected To Your Mobile Phone

Now my next thought was that my speakers had issues, but I debunked this by plugging in headphones and it was still an issue, also a close personal friend of mine who has a very similar build was experiencing issues as well. Exe s responsibility since I had seen some users reporting that the sound skipping and popping was only during times when audiodg. So hopefully it stays that way, so I know for sure you saved my almost dead on impact from a hammer laptop! If I start smite, then unplug my headphones to use my speakers or use some other source for my sounds, whenever I plug them in again and continue. So each time that happens I have to restart SMITE. I’m having the same trouble, I have USB headphones. When I link the laptops to my LCD LED TV via a HDMI cable, the HP laptop transmited video to the TV, but with no sound (sound comes from the laptop but the TV produces none), while the ASUS laptop when connected the same way transmits both to the TV. I now can only get video, no sound, through my old Denon receiver -although it works fine when connected directly to my newer TV. I read this and thought it was interesting because I had this issue randomly all the time on Windows 8 as well. I get sound out the speakers and the headset, and my external microphone picks up sound along with the headset mic. I was using my jaybird sportsband Bluetooth headphones when this happened. This is the third time I am facing this internal speaker problem in my lumia 925. I’ve had it for about a year, and all sound just stops working.

The particular driver im using is g930_100364b_x64.exe on windows 7×64 ultimateThis audio driver is working 100 never fails you can find it here ftp://ftp. For me this is Speaker (Logitech G35 Headset). Dead Island will send its sound to Line1, too from now on and since Line1 is just a stereo device there shouldn’t be an issue as where Dead Island wants to send 7. I’ve been so close to getting this game many times but having read about the incompatibility of my G35 with it, I was always wary of wasting my cash. Sadly, yesterday I’ve spilled some water on my MacBook Pro (El capitan). Then there was no sound at all, not from the speakers, nor from the headphones. Everything’s working fine now. I found out that this Mac is pretty old, maybe water wasn’t even the case. I’m now on my third Pre that has gone into ‘stuck’ headphone mode and has been replaced by Verizon due to a supposed hardware issue. Pandora with the plug in method; then with the plug out method..all to no avail. All to no avail. Keep it plugged in the whole time that Pandora is running. I’ve learned a lot from it, even managed to revive completely dead Pre’s. So recently the sound on my desktop and my laptop has stopped working. Found out that there was no sound on the computer at all. Restarted VLC, now suddenly no sound on VLC OR speakers. Did same steps today, sound not working. It may be some bug which is not harmful at all. Repeat this 4 or 5 times. Restore an old version. But that doesn’t seem to be working now – either the speakers play sounds or the headphones, not both at the same time. After restarting you have now Tab called HD Audio 2nd output in Realtek Audio Manager (but keep Speakers tab as default output). Couldn’t there just be a check boxes for all devices and what sounds to play through them?

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