Insulin resistance can result from being born with very strong genetic and epigenetic propensities toward IR almost no matter what someone eats or how they live (forces beyond one s control), and we currently hypothesize that it can result from a long time of overconsuming carbohydrates (and potentially all food), being sedentary, being chronically stressed, and not getting adequate sleep (misguided lifestyle practices). There are plenty of people out there for whom a LCHF diet, exercise, better sleep, less stress, and the whole rest of the package just doesn t take them all the way. (BTW: Dr. Naiman has mentioned that a patient of his was cured of tinnitus after adopting a LCHF diet. And in part 4, I mentioned that lowering blood glucose (BG) is probably not insulin s primary function, but rather, one of the ways by which insulin helps keep BG in check gives us a clue as to one of its more important functions: it is anti-catabolic. Maybe not as high as they were just one hour after the meal, but they haven t come back to baseline yet, and here we are, raising them up again. They could turn things around in short order by having a nice LCHF meal, or skipping breakfast altogether. Just two more posts after this, and we’ll be done. People who sidestep the fate of gaining weight are not immune to the myriad other effects of a poor diet upon their health and in fact, a lack of visible proof of these effects might make it more difficult to help these patients see the connection between their dietary choices and suboptimal health. About half these cases have gone on to be diagnosed diabetic: the rest have remained prediabetic but IN ALL CASES by acting as if they were already diabetic and eating LCHF they have stopped the progression and reversed most of the symptoms. His main job is fixing their mistakes!

Naiman has mentioned that a patient of his was cured of tinnitus after adopting a LCHF diet 2But his best shots from back then still stand very well, they’re still brilliant images.

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