What's more disturbing is that nobody else I know seems to hear this noise 1

Somewhere between 2 and 10 of people can hear the Hum, and inside isolation is no escape. Most sufferers find the noise to be more disturbing indoors and at night. MacPherson quickly discovered that what to him was a strange rumbling was actually having pernicious effects on hundreds of people, from headaches to irritability to sleep deprivation. And why does the Hum seem to appear and disappear for months at a time? Some Hum investigators suspect that there’s a global source responsible for the Hum worldwide. Does anyone here a really high pitched noise when the TV is switched on? I am referring in specific to LCD TVs (don’t know about Plasma TVs). What’s more disturbing is that nobody else I know seems to hear this noise. Her remedy seems to help diminish the noise somewhat. What I hear is a high frequency sound, not a hum or low frog horn sound. Wow I thought I was going crazy, I would hear it at night and sometimes when I would go outside, I thought I was nuts as no one else could hear it I am in Northern Ontario, I show it is not on the map, but I hear it and btw we have no cell phone towers that are near us, I am beside a lake. When its raining the sound vibrates more perhaps because water carries the sound more.

What's more disturbing is that nobody else I know seems to hear this noise 2Most disturbing was the fact that Helen’s husband couldn’t hear the noise and neither could friends or family who visited. Thousands of people are plagued by what is, effectively, a supersensitivity to low frequency sounds – sounds at the lower limit of normal human hearing. For example, if there is a key in the door during the day, you hardly notice the sound, but late at night if you’re in the house alone, it seems really loud. I might never know what’s causing it, but I’ve accepted that this is part of my life and might always be. Parasomnias are most easily understood as strange occurrences that happen during sleep, while falling asleep or waking up. I used to hear noises that woke me up but none else did. But really, you’ll probably never know, so I’d try to relax about it and accept it as one of those strange sleep experiences which although disturbing, are totally harmless. For a long time now I have been jolted out of sleep with what seems like electrocution, a bomb exploding in my face, and also very loud random noises. For those who can hear the Hum, it can be a very disturbing phenomenon and it has been linked to at least three suicides in the UK. It seems to be possible for hearers to move away from it, with one hearer of the Taos Hum reporting its range was 48 km., double glazing), which serves only to decrease other environmental noise, thus making the Hum more apparent. Jump up Who, What, Why: Why is ‘the hum’ such a mystery?.

I not only HEAR this noise that no one else can hear, but I FEEL it, just like someone has the bass turned up. It would be helpful to know what experiences other people have had when they have tried to take, or get, action taken on the issue. For those who like the sound of a fan I think Brown Noise fits the bill more so than the sound of Oscillating Fan, which is also an option. But the level of noise seems unlikely to travel into my home as it is low volume and would seem like it would be silenced by closing the door or window on it. When you can hear sounds, or noises, no one else in the same place or situation can – you might have tinnitus (T). If it turns out you do have it, you probably wonder how common T is and what you might be up against. From several sources, it seems estimates range from about one out of seven to one out of ten people have tinnitus. I don’t know any words that can make you feel more comfortable. On the morning after the surgery, I was hearing what sounded like music from a radio. They all hear strange phantom sounds that no one else hears. Not many people know this, but there are actually two classes of auditory hallucinations psychiatric auditory hallucinations, and non-psychiatric auditory hallucinations. Musical Ear Syndrome is much more common than anyone seems to realize, and affects significant numbers of hard of hearing people.

I’m Plagued By A ‘hum’ That No One Else Hears

I hope your doctors know more than mine. I can hear a noise in my head, but also local noises inside my ears. Unlike everyone else who seems to have a high pitch ringing sound, my noise isn’t. What I have found is most of the tinnitus is caused by some injury or inflammation to the ear so that it will not properly send signals to the brain. Nobody else but you can hear the noise because it does not come from any external source. Although you are the only person who can hear the noise it is not a result of your imagination. But the most common cause of tinnitus is exposure to noise. Nobody knows how many suffers from tinnitus. Almost all of us experience tinnitus temporarily; perhaps for a few hours after a concert or any other occasion where our ears are subjected to noise. The majority of people who suffer from tinnitus find it very disturbing and uncomfortable. I hear beeping sounds that seem to come from somewhere nearby me and I do not know where the sounds are coming from. For instance, going on a hike in the woods by myself or stargazing in the middle of a large soccer field with nothing and no one around. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing occurring to someone else? There is nothing more disturbing on this entire forum and who knows how many threads the damn thing is in. Also ASK them what noises seem to be problematic. Rugs, more fabric to absorb sound in your apartment can help. The sounds aren’t common, and there doesn’t seem to be any consistency in their occurrences. None of us can really know how someone else experiences the world. Two weeks ago I began having a really disturbing sound in my ears. I believe what you are describing is called tinnitus. I don’t know if this is the answer but it has worked for me many times. Sometimes I hear a high pitched tone but most often I hear a hissing like sound. No one I wrote to will help.

Humming Sound

To get the simple answer, we need to know what the cochlea looks like on the inside? In other words, if the fork is tuned to emit at 440 Hz, you hear a sound at 440 Hz and nothing else. Well, this cat snoozing nearby seems to be irritated more to the higher freqs than the lower freqs 20,19,18 caused her to flinch and give me a dirty look and at 17 she got up and left, I guess you call that freqed out actually she does not care for them at all. Nobody else in the car felt this way. Does anyone else continue to hear the sound bouncing around I your head even after you cover your ears and close your eyes and make it quiet? My hubby is a foot wiggled. But I asked her if she would want to know more about it to better understand and she said yes. Nobody seems to take me serious when I tell them I have misophonia and they jus make the way noises more. Note however that tinnitus nearly always consists of fairly simple sounds — for example, hearing someone talking that no one else can hear would not ordinarily be called tinnitus — this would be called an auditory hallucination. It seems to us that their study is more about how many persons with tinnitus were detected by the health care system — and that it is more a study of England’s health care system than of tinnitus. What Causes Tinnitus? In general, these do not respond to medical interventions but require more difficult psychological assistance. Sometimes they hear noises, clicks or non-word sounds. Encourage the patient to discuss when the hallucinations occur & what they say with his therapist. They are held only by the person himself & by no one else.

When I am falling asleep, it seems like I hear extremely loud screaming. It sounds crazy as hell, but who knows? Spiderwire – No one else has commented on the sensation you described where everything is shouting at you, but I get something similar. After all, whats more compelling that the fear or an intruder? If you’re behind the moon and hear some weird noise on your radio, and you know you’re blocked from the Earth, then what could you possibly think?. It was 1969, two months before Apollo 11’s historic first manned landing on the moon, when Apollo 10 entered lunar orbit, which included traversing the far side of the moon where all spacecraft are out of radio contact with Earth for about an hour and nobody on Earth can see or hear them. It sounds like, you know, outer space-type music. I have a very open mind about what could’ve happened. Show 10 more replies in this thread. How do you know nobody likes country music? I’ll say yes because I do like country music and guess what else, so does my best friend and my mom and even my dad and my cousin. There is no talent to it; what it is is a bundle of noise, infused with more suicide-inducing screeches and moans. Absolutely terrible, if you wanna hear the same terrible lyrics and song structure, then listen to emoMnew. It seems I haven’t ever written much, publicly anyway, about what it’s like to be schizoid. Auditory hallucinations sound like they’re coming from outside your head. Other people hear voices whose words express much more disturbing things. Let’s discuss what they might mean, and what you can do to deepen the connection. From an early age I’d hear things that nobody else did. If you are scared and you don t want this to happen, then ask your guides to keep spirits from disturbing your sleep. I’ve been hearing ringing and the sound of what seems to be wind in my ears.

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